kidney donor near me
We are all about Finding and matching potential donors to patients.

With the global program our goal is to have a great impact on the increase in the chances of finding a potential donor. early this year 2019 with the help of some specialist in INDIA we were able to set up a system whereby we search for potential donors mostly in the 3rd world nations educate them on the advantages and opportunities of becoming a potential donor and saving a life not mentioning we also make them understand the risks of the. However since April 2019 we have had quite a list of potential donors tested and brought into the program also within this time we have been able to match a good 135 patients with all transplants successfully done and the recovery is amazing.

Our platform on like other platforms operate in a different way, we are able to guarantee you that you will find and get a kidney within 90 days max as our strategies are vast and opportunities are good. more than 93% of the contacts we receive get their transplant done in less than 4 months and they find a match within 90 days


Most of our transplants are done by specialists INDIA but all we do is find the potential donor for you.

If you are already registered with a transplant center in your Country and wish for the transplant to be done there then it is very easy, your donor will come to you as in most cases the donors are willing and ready to travel to the patient. Also a thorough medical check is done by our team staff and providing the information you give us you will be meeting a potential donor and not a possibility of a potential donor. However it is still very important and necessary that your transplant center repeat all the necessary medical procedure for checkup to be sure before any proceeds.

We encourage you to contact us directly a good chat with us will answer a lot of questions and give you hope.

kidney donor near me