kidney donor near me

kidney compensation

Get matched with a potential donor today. With us there is a vast network of donors from accross the world. We also have a team of doctors and centers that provide already a medica check up of all potential donors.

If you are able to compensate for an organ donation then we will draft a favorable contract and good conditions to meet up with your demands and safety.

We are spesifically working on compensation for organ donation to be able to reduse the gap on the waiting list as not all patients are able to make it till the end and all our donorsa are welll educated on the risks of a donatin and the chances they stand. This donors are mostly 3rd world civilians who strive to earn a better life from the compensations they get.

We understand the risks some patients face and the laws of the nations that have labeled compensation for an organ illegal as such all our contracts are drafted in the dark and surgical procedure can either be done at our special laboratory in INDIA or the donor will fly to you with the claims of a good Samaritan doing a regular free will donation because for one or more reasons they were touched to do so.

To be able to benefit from our service contact us o our email and also always expect a reply in your spam box so check your spam box regularly for a reply. you can also fill the contact form and leave us a message from the contact page with your contact details.

kidney donor near me